DJ Account Setup

To setup an DJ account go to the left hand menu in CentovaCast and under the Configuration menu click on DJs.

Once you're in DJ Management look to the right and you should see Create DJ account.

In the username field fill in the username you want this account to have. Under password and confirm password fill in the password you want this account to have.

The real name serves mostly as a way for you to differentiate the accounts from one another if you end up using usernames that you can't easily recognize, you don't have to necessarily enter a name into that field, it can be anything you want.

Leave the Status to Enabled if you want to use this account.

Under Privileges you can set how much access to different functions this user has in CentovaCast. You can select all of the permissions to give full access by holding down SHIFT and then clicking on the first and last item in the list. If you just want to select one permission you you can just click on that item and if you want to select several you can hold the CTRL button and clicking on each of the items you want to have enabled.

Login Restrictions

If you want you can also make time based restrictions on the account. By default it is set to be active 24/7 but you can set it to any time you want. You select the days the same way you did with the permissions. You can also set the hours from and until the account will be active.

We will just leave it at the default which makes it active 24/7.

Once you have filled in all the details click on Save to create the account. Then you also need to restart the server to apply the change. To restart the server look for the Server menu on the left and click on Restart

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